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    Chairman Remarks


    With a new foreign aid Chinese started, China equipment import and export (Group) Corporation (a group) was born. More than fifty years, the company has always been to serve the national strategic mission, with African countries, has established good relations of cooperation, "COMPLANT" brand to friendship, cooperation, mutual trust, the spirit to win the majority of the developing countries, a large number of adults away from the motherland, fighting in unimaginable difficult circumstances, loyalty to perform their duties, and make its due contribution for the country.

    In recent years, as the group in the State Development Investment Corp under the leadership of don't forget the heart, think of change, reform and innovation, and strive to build a first-class international enterprises. The company in accordance with the spirit of the central government, the initiative into the The Belt and Road "national strategy, increase the" going out "pace, and undertake the construction of a number of important overseas projects, to carry out strategic cooperation with a number of domestic and foreign professional institutions, are highly praised the government and partners of the country.

    As an international business platform for the State Development Investment Corp, the company will accelerate the cultivation of core competitiveness of enterprises, innovative ideas, seek new development, will create a company with "into" characteristics of the internationalization of enterprises multi-functional and comprehensive, with more complete upstream and downstream industry chain, "COMPLANT" brand to inject new vitality.

    In the future, a long way to go. In the adult will continue adhering to the "for investors, for society, for the staff of" business philosophy, and actively fulfill the responsibility of central enterprises; sincerely join hands with friends from all walks of life, with a more open spirit of cooperation, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win development "strategic change and create a better future".

    Group chairman


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