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    • future


    • 2017


    • 2009

      In 2009, the company integrated into national development investment company as its wholly owned subsidiary

    • 2003

      In 2003, the company is listed in the regulation of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council of central enterprises sequence.


    • 2000

      In 2000, issued by the ministry of construction engineering construction general contracting level enterprise qualification certificate and through ISO9001 international quality certification, the engineering general contracting business for UKAS certificate.

      In 2000, the company set "China's complete sets of equipment import and export (group) corporation development strategy for 2001-2010", established a strong comprehensive strength, asset quality, advanced management, rich innovation ability of multinational enterprise group's strategic objectives.


    • 1999

      In 1999, the company is listed in the central enterprise work committee management sequence.

      In 1999, the company as the main sponsor, build up the import and export co., LTD. The stock ipo success in 2000 and listed on the shenzhen stock exchange trading.


    • 1993

      In 1993, company restructuring for the comprehensive foreign trade enterprise group, and changed its name to China complete sets of equipment import and export (group) corp


    • 1959

      The company predecessor - China export company set up complete sets of equipment. By 1993, the company in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Oceania more than 100 countries to organize the implementation of more than 1400 aid projects, won the recipient governments and people's high praise.


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