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    Company Profile
    1993 公司改組


    2009 成為國投子公司


    2017 公司更名


    China National Complete Plant Import and Export Group Corporation Limited (COMPLANT for short), approved by the Premier Zhou Enlai, was jointly established and administrated by the Ministry of foreign trade and the Ministry of the First Machine Building Industry in the November, 1959.Since the establishment, COMPLANT has been entrusted by the Government to conduct more than 1500 foreign economic aid projects in over 50 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America, including the Tanzania-Zambia Railway, the National Theatre of Senegal, the Bangui Stadium of Central Africa, the International Convention and Exhibition Centerof Jamaica, etc. All these efforts have made great contribution to the foreign aid undertaking of China, and have been highly acknowledged by the Developing countries and their people.

    In 1993, COMPLANT was reorganized into a comprehensive foreign trade and economic cooperation enterprise, and renamed as China National Complete Plant Import & Export Corporation (Group). In 1999, the company was as one of the enterprises under the Working Commission for Central-government Enterprises. In 2003, the company was listed as one of the Central-government enterprises supervised by SASAC of the State Council. In 2009; the company was 100% Merged into State Development and Investment Corporation as a wholly-owned subsidiary company.

    With a registered capital of RMB1.09 billion, COMPLANT owns 7 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 3 controlled subsidiaries and 2 branch companies. It controls China National Complete Plant Import and Export Corporation Ltd. (Listed on Shenzhen Stock: 000151) and Hua Lien International (Holding) Company Ltd (Listed on Hong Kong Stock: 00969).

    Through continuous development, the company at the present is pillared by the international contracting and formed a comprehensive business scope, including oversea investment, international trade, oversea sugar complex investment, transportation, outsource labor and training.

    COMPLANT holds “severing for national foreign strategy, promoting oversea development of the SDIC and helping staff to fulfill their personal value” as its mission to proactively integrate itself into the national strategy, and endeavors to make COMPLANT a well-managed, innovative and excellent international company.

    Introduction of the Parent Company:

    State Development and Investment Corporation (SDIC for short), established on the 5th, May, 1995, was proved by the State Council as a national investment holding company with a registered capital of 19.47 billion RMB, by the end of 2015, the asset value totaled as 495.5 billion RMB.

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