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    COMPLANT actively participated in the ecological management construction of Xiong''an New District

    日期: 2018-07-18


    After the establishment of the Xiong'an New District, the SDIC Party Group responded to the call of the Central Party  Committee, serving the overall development of the country, researching the deployment support and participating in the planning and construction of the Xiong'an New District. Under the unified leadership of the SDIC Group, the party committee of COMPLANT established the preparatory group of Xiong'an branch, and based on the needs of the new district and field research, actively integrated the resources of all parties and determined the ecological governance. Network security infrastructure construction and international business cooperation are the main work directions and work priorities.

    CCTV Economic Channel "Economic Half-hour" and CCTV China News Channel "Into Xiong'an" reported and demonstrated the research work on Baiyangdian ecological governance organized by COMPLANT in December last year and May this year. In the "Economic Half-hour" "New District New Coordinate" Xiong'an New District album, SDIC Group is the only state-owned enterprise interviewed, which has established a good image of the company's active participation in the construction of the new district.

    In accordance with the planning concept of “Ecological Priority, Green Development” in Xiong’an New District, COMPLANT will actively carry out microbial foundation and application research of Baiyangdian, and accelerate the integration of relevant resources on the basis of this, and actively promote the transformation of scientific research results, as early as possible for Xiong’an New District.


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