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    Business Overview

    COMPLANT is the only investment group for environmental protection business under State Development & Investment Corporation Ltd. COMPLANT adheres to the concept of green development, relies on the comprehensive resources of SDIC, focuses on water treatment, solid waste treatment and related technical equipment, and deeply cultivates the international and domestic markets. Now COMPLANT has whole industrial chain services from investment and financing, consulting services, general contracting, planning and design, R&D, equipment manufacturing, construction to operation management so as to provide customers with one-stop comprehensive solutions, making itself a world-class overall solution service provider in the filed of ecological and environmental protection.

    International Engineering Contracting

    The main core International Engineering Contracting Business of COMPLANT covers complete equipment export, foreign contract project, oversea investment and general trade.



    Solid Waste Treatment

    In order to implement the strategy of SDIC to vigorously develop the environmental protection business, COMPLANT successfully acquired Tialoc group, who has strong professional advantages in industrial solid and hazardous waste treatment.


    Water Treatment and Management

    The water environment business of COMPLANT covers Treatment of Industrial Wastewater, Sewage Treatment in Cities and Towns, Water Treatment in Lakes and Rivers Basins, Comprehensive Treatment of Water Environment.



    Technologies and Equipment

    COMPLANT adheres to the concept of green development and focuses on the Integreated Technology Services and Equipment Supplies related to environmental protection business.


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